At Big Hill Events we LOVE getting dirty and that includes gravel.

Whether you’re looking to race your mates or just go for a social ride, we’ve got a variety of gravel grinds for you to enjoy, our carefully curated adventures promise excitement at every turn. Each event is meticulously planned to provide an unforgettable ride for participants.

Check out the calendar below for our upcoming gravel rides and races around Victoria.



Are these gravel races?

Yes and no. You can either race these to see how you stack up against the field, or you can just ride the route for a personal challenge.

All our timed events will have a podium presentation after the ride.

Age Calculation for categories

Age will be taken as per the UCI age category, being your age on the 31 December in the year of that series. i.e., if you turn 40 before 31 Dec 2024 then you will race in 40+

e-Bike Policy

e-Bikes are welcome at all our events.

What insurance do you have?

For 2024 BIG HILL EVENTS events all participants are covered under the AusCycling Insurance policy that includes personal accident insurance cover.

This cover only applies for the day or days of each event only for NON Aus cycling members. To read what this cover is click here.


Can I volunteer?

Cycling events in Australia are made possible thanks to volunteers like you. When you volunteer for any Big Hill Event, you’ll score a free entry to another Big Hill Event. These are transferable also, so if you’re keen, get in touch and let us know where you’d like to volunteer.

Contact us on info@bighillevents.com.au