If you competed in the 2024 Roll’d Gold FlowDuro event you are well aware that we had a few issues today.   We can only apologies for this wholeheartedly.
Flowduro running in with a Shifty Fifty takes a whole different timing system which uses active chips. We hire this to make it possible.  This adds a level of complexity to the event as we already have 200ish riders turning up for the Shifty Fifty to sort and all the fun that goes with that Rego.
To make it even a bit more complicated we are seeing higher percentages of entries in the final 24-36 hours which is after we have printed race plates and start lists.  Meaning registration take a bit more complexity again to find alot of riders names to find their race numbers.
For the Flowduro we have to assign each rider an active chip.   The term active is important here.   The chip has to be activated by a special wand, and it only stays active for 3 hours.  This morning, it would appear that the activation process failed.  where we failed was not having set up a system to check they were active before we gave them too you.
As such when riders got to stage 1, no chips read.  Whilst this was discovered, a lot of riders were then further on course than we could catch to get their chips activated.  We only had one device.   Its a big learning curve indeed and as said above, we can only apologise if you didn’t get any times recorded.
We have removed stage 1, as there was just not enough times to make that count.
We sincerely hope you enjoyed the single track and fun parts in the course.   We hope to see you again at a future event.

A new addition in 2024, Casltemaine Flow Duro is all about testing your descending skills on fun trails and singletrack.

The stages will be approx 3 to 7 min. With very little uphill and only the descents are timed so it’s perfect for everyone, including our eMTB friends.


FlowDuro (Down country) is all about going downhill and having some fun. Four timed stages across the day, you can challenge your mates and see who has the best downhill skills.

This ride format is PERFECT for people who ride eMTBs and longer travel bikes, as it’s all about finding the best lines and using your skills to get down the fastest.

NO full-face helmets are needed and it’s about flow and skill. Suitable for anything from a hardtail to a 150mm travel bike. Choose your weapon!

Trails: They are fun, flowy and awesome – four timed stages across the day.
Distance: It will be about 20 km across the day.


Using the key descents from the Shifty Fifty, the four timed downhill sections are absolute crackers. 

FlowDuro riders will do a shorter course at this event of approx 20 km, with four timed stages. Times only for Segments with no overall time. Winners based on combined times of all 4 descending stages

You’ll be challenged on a few technical sections but overall it’s a lot of fun for riders of all ages and abilities. Remember, you don’t need a full-face helmet – coz we wanna see all of those ear-to-ear smiles at the finish line.


If you’re an iPhone user, click here to enter. 



With a variety of categories, there’s something for everyone. eBikes are welcome.

  • Walmer Day Visitor Area, Muckleford VIC 3451
  • 8:30am
  • 10:05am
  • 10:10am
  • 1:30ish
  • $85-$100


        • Up to 4 weeks before – $85 ends 5 May
        • Up to 2 weeks before – $90 ends 19 May
        • Within 2 weeks of the event – $100 ends on 24 May (you can enter the day of the race also)

On site facilities

  • Parking
  • Toilets
  • Coffee
  • Water
  • Food
  • First Aid




There will be some food/lollies and water available however we encourage you to plan accordingly and have your own nutrition with you.

Bottles can be left in the tubs at the bottom of the stairs.


The event village is Walmer Day Visitor Area, Muckleford VIC 3451

There’s ample parking available along the southern end of Dalton Road, along the highlighted section above.

Club volunteers will guide you when you arrive. There is no vehicle access to the race village as parking around the village area is extremely limited.

It’s approx 200m between the parking and the village. If you are staying in town it’s a short ride out.