What an awesome weekend up at Buxton MTB - full results can now be found on the results page

For the third year running, Buxton MTB Park will host the final round of the popular Victorian Enduro Series on Sunday 9th of November. Although being held on the Sunday the park will be open to riders on Saturday afternoon and Big Hill Events are encouraging riders to come and pre-ride the course.

The course itself is a 12k intermediate circuit of 100% singletrack which is bermed to an extent and as a result makes for a fun, fast flowing ride.

Saturday Events
On Saturday there will be a number of fun events starting from roughly 4pm for everyone entering the Sunday event - come and get involved with:
- 3k Buxton Dash Time Trial: Seed yourself for the XC Eliminator!
- XC Eliminator: Each lap the last person will be elinated tournament
- Huffy Toss Under Light: How far can you toss the Big Hill Events huffy - at night!
- Moonlight Cinema Fueled by Beechworth Bakery: A number of films showing off the projector once it gets dark, with bakery good supplied by Healesville Beechworth Bakery
- Camping is VERY limited this year, therefore we are not advertising that camping is available. We thoroughly recommend looking at local B&B's in Buxton / Marysville.

Velo de Buxton
In July 2012 we made a promo video for the Buxton MTB Park - 12k loops of pure mountain bike tailored single track - Check the video out here


What a weekend to end the 2013 Victorian Enduro Series. Despite the forecasted storms, we had beautiful, clear weather and over 300 riders turned up for The Buxton Bootcamp 6 and 3 hour Enduro.

On the Saturday Big Hill Events had everything set up and course marked for practice, the MTBSkills crew were out on track teaching different techniques and other riders were sampling the fresh new flow section at the end of the course.

The evenings activities included a huffy toss ? the mens category was won by MC Rich Grant and the womens category was taken by Jade Forsyth (who had demanded a female category) ? and a moonlight cinema screening of The Goonies. The majority of campers settled down for an early night, before the big race on the Sunday.

With the sun breaking and the coffee van's generator waking everyone up (who better to be woken up by though??), people slowly emerged from tents and cars to set up around the transition area and hear Big Rich's beautiful voice instructing riders to place their race plates on their bikes clearly, otherwise they'd be placed on the timing crews "Naughty List".

Dead on 10 the 6 hour race started and straight away we had some close racing?

And it begins?

The 6 Hour Solo Mens

This was the hotly contested battle ? between Peter Kutschera, Will Geor and Brad Clarke ? with just 15 points separating them. The first lap they all came through together, second lap Peter and Will had a 20 second lead on Brad, third lap Will was in front and Brad was chasing up?. But then in the 6th lap Brad and Peter both put the foot down and broke a gap of a minute between them and Will. Peter Kutschera leading the pack?with Will and Brad shortly behind?.

Unbelievably Brad stormed the last lap and came in first place ? roughly 5 minutes ahead of Peter Kutschera.

- Crazy as it sounds this means that after 7 rounds of racing, the 6 hour mens finale is a DRAW between Brad Clarke and Peter Kutschera.

----Big Hill Events would like to apologise for any confusion caused on the day with the 1st and 2nd place of the series ? which were manually calculated. With 1.5 factor points the round points, round up, rather than down: i.e. Brad's 5th place in Rd 2 is in fact 64.5 points and 2nd place in Rd 6 is in fact 97.5 points. Resulting in both Peter and Brad finishing on 345 points. Big Hill Events have contributed extra funds to the series so that Peter will also receive the same prize money as Brad. Both riders have been contacted and are happy with the outcome and are already looking forward to the next year of racing. ----

The 6 Hour Solo Womens

Karen Hill showed up for the battle of the VES first place, unfortunately April McDonough was still injured and unable to race. Karen still put in a fantastic performance racing against Katherine O'Shea who came in just 2 minutes after Karen, with Jo Murphy in 3rd.

- This saw Karen Hill run away with the 6hour Womens title for the VES, April McDonough in 2nd, and Tory Thomas in 3rd. However Tory Thomas only entered 3 rounds, so was ineligible for series prizes, therefore Jo Murphy cashed in with a strong finish in 4thplace.

The 6 Hour Solo Men 40+

This was another hotly contested battle throughout the whole series and one which saw the top 4 gents swap places a number of times. At the Buxton Bootcamp, Michael Brill put in an outstanding performance, completing 7 laps in 6 hours 37 minutes, a good 5 minutes ahead of Rod Barnard who had a great battle with 3rd place Brian John.

- Awesome racing: with Michael Brill entering every round of the series ? his best 5 results were a win at the Crazy 6, 2nd place at Mt Beauty, 6th at Ballarat, a 1st at the Rock Hop and another 1st place at the Buxton Bootcamp. Fantastic effort. In second place was Rod Barnard and Peter Shaw, all of which had a couple of podium places at rounds. Cheers for the great attitude these guys had, with good banter between them.

The 6 Hour Mens Team

Apollo Bikres p/b John Groves and Nick Morgan had the series under their belt with 5 wins throughout the series so they both raced in the 3 hour at the finale. Instead the battle was on between Bicycle Superstore JDT 1 (Ben Walkerden and Scott Liston) and Dusty Demons (Chris Palmer and Seton Macleod), with JDT 1 winning by mere 15 seconds! And Bicycling Bandidos (Mick Brown and Scott Thomson) in third place.

- Bravo to the top boys John Groves and Nick Morgan for the domination of the category. Fantastic effort by JDT1 for racing in every round of the series picking up podium spots at every round except 1. The Dusty Demons finally got their podium spot at the Buxton Bootcamp getting them a spot in third place of the series. Well done.

The 6 Hour Mixed Team

Don't Tell Ben ? Mel Anset and Ross Wilkinson had domination of the series under their belt, but still put in a strong performance at the Bootcamp, getting 8 laps in in just 6 hours 13 minutes! Milk was a bad idea!!! ? Ben May and Rishi Fox smashed out 8 laps in 6 hours 40 minutes and in 3rd place Repasado ? David Croxford and Britta Weller.

- So the iRide team Mel Anset and Ross Wilkinson walk away with the VES title ? with an outstanding 5 wins and 1 second place out of 6 rounds they raced. Bey May and Rishi Fox in 2nd place with their fantastic set of 2nd places and their win at Ballarat. In third place sees the Riders of Mass Obstruction ? who entered all by one round and goes to show that you don't need to get a podium spot at a round to get a podium spot for the series ? well done Stephen Johnson and Meg Lawson.

The 6 Hour Mixed Team 40+

Carbon Fibre Footprint ? David Rusden and David Scarlett were a rider short than they usually are at the rounds, showed their dominance at the Bootcamp with 8 rounds in just 6 hours 12 minutes. Super Chill Bozo's ? Justin Prior and Simon Renton came in 2nd (after they had been placed in the wrong category for the majority of the race) and CARBON FIBRE THUMBPRINT, Leigh Barrat, David Keir and Martin Keir had an AWESOME battle with Bazza Allstars for third place. Big shout out to these two teams for their understanding that "Super Chill Bozo's" hadn't changed categories so they could get a podium spot.

- With such great attendance from the top 2 spots in the series (and CFF dominance of wins) series organizers decided to award prizes to these two teams. Thanks again for the racing.

While the 6 hour race was still in full swing, the 3 hour riders were gearing up and getting ready for their sample of the Buxton course. The course bridges had been decorated with inflatable ducks and whales, there was a swearing parrot on track and aliens spotted at the entrance to the new flow track.

As all the 3 hour riders lined up, Rohin Adams, race director, parked himself 3 meters in front of everyone and announced "The start line is here" with a big grin on his face?.

The 3 Hour Solo Men

Banter started on Saturday afternoon between the top 3 in the series, working out that Rohin only had to finish one lap to win the series; or if Tom Ovens was to "damage" Rohin's bike somehow and then win he could win the series by 1 point. The actual race at the Bootcamp was won by "No mates" Nick Morgan who smashed his laps out winning by a good 3 minutes. The real race was for 2nd place, with Rohin Adams and Murray Spink off and on each others wheel lap after lap. Spink was trying to overtake Rohin on the Flow trail, trying to take the inside lines on the big berms, but to no avail. Rohin came in 2 seconds in front of Murray ? great racing all round.

- In the series Rohin came away with a strong win ? 100 points in front of Tom Ovens and Todd Cuthbert. With Tom Ovens entering every single round of the series. Shame that Warrack had his injury and then sold his bike half way through the series, otherwise it could have been pretty close.

The 3 Hour Solo Women

Another great category was the 3 hour womens. We were lucky enough to have all the top 4 placings at the Bootcamp. In the race Jackie Perkins came out of nowhere to claim 1stspot, with Monica Campi in 2nd place having a fantastic battle with Amanda Herd who came in 3rd. There was just 1 minute inbetween Monica Campi, Amanda Herd, Dora Bettridge and Aleisha Bald! Fantastic racing ladies.

- The final standings saw Dora take the titles by just 13 points, with Monica in 2ndplace, Linda Raineri in 3rd and Mary Hall in 4th place. These 4 ladies have had a wicked series of racing ? it's been great watching them in action.

And that's it ? the 2013 Victorian Enduro Series all done and finished with over $6,600 of prize money dished out and some very sexy new series trophies!

Big Hill Events would like to put a huge thank you out to everyone involved in the Buxton Bootcamp; including James Cowell (DSE) for the AMAZING course (anyone NOT have fun out there???), sponsors Tourism Victoria, Healesville Beechworth bakery, Magellan, Great Divide Coffee, White Rabbit Brewery, the Murrinidini Cycle Club, Fragas caf? and the Buxton Primary School for the food, Steve Taylors coffee and Sport Recovery. Big Shout out to Rich Grant for being our MC, our set up and timing boys, Dean and Scottish Dave, and John Groves and James Maebus who saved us an extra hour in the clean up by being our sweep riders.

Most of all ? thanks to all the riders who have made this such an awesome series. At the end of the day this series is all about racing and introducing people to mountain biking, with the great spirit and racing experienced throughout each round I think we've accomplished that goal.

Many thanks to all the clubs involved: Geelong MTB Club, Team Mt Beauty, Albury and Wadonga, Gippsland MTB, Ballarat Sebastopol, Dirt Riders and Big Hill Events.

There will be a series questionnaire sent out over the coming months and feedback is very much welcomed.

We now look forward to the 2014 series.